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Auto salvage or rebuildable salvage cars, rebuildable Harley, motorcycles salvage, wrecked Corvettes and parts. 948 E. WYTHE ST.
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Rebuildable salvage vehicles.
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We have been in business since 1975 in auto salvage, rebuildable cars salvage, motorcycle salvage, rebuildable Harley salvage and Corvette salvage.
Kim Motor Company Rebuildable Dealers

We mainly specialize in auto salvage insurance claim vehicles, rebuildable salvage cars, trucks, motorcycles, recovered theft, flood, insurance rebuilt, rebuilable Harley salvage and rebuildable Corvette salvage.(rebuildable dealers)

HISTORY (published in ThunderRoad-Virginia, April 2007 - download here in pdf)
I guess it really started back in the 60ís, probably the early 60ís. I was a little kid in the backseat with my brother, Keith, making that long ride back from Miami. Mom and dad were up front. All of a sudden I heard the rumble of thunder. It kept coming. I was scared as I peeped over the window. They kept coming and I finally got the nerve to look out the back window. There were packs of them. They just kept coming. Donít remember how long it lasted but it was enough to put me in a trance that carried me all the way home. That is the first time I knew what I wanted in life.

Kim and JamesYears later, I was at a back yard body shop with my dad. They let me sit on a bike while they talked. It was a hot summer night. They turned a fan on me so I could think I was riding and had a good laugh. It didnít bother me... I was in heaven. After that, my dad came home with a M65 Harley for my brother and me to ride on the sawmill trails. It didnít take long for us to burn that one up.

My dad started going to insurance salvage sales to buy some cars for the body shop man to fix so they could make some money. I started buying insurance claim cars and bikes to run on the sawmill trails. Man, life was good. I couldnít wait to get home from school to hit the trails.

The day I turned 16, I got my car and motorcycle license and had a car and bike paid for and tagged. Made the money by shoveling snow, cutting grass, selling shrubs, paper route and some from the salvage cars. My first car on the road was a 68 AMX with a 390 engine. It lasted about 2 months until I rolled it 3 times. The insurance co. paid me $1800 and I made $1000 profit. I called James, he said just tow it behind the house. Never said anything else. Can you imagine the worry I put him through? But he never said a word. By the time I got out of high school, I had been through 18 cars and bikes. James Chopper

I went into business for myself just before I turned 21. James and I rented a warehouse for $75 a month. We would work the salvage auctions and enjoy every minute of it. We used to rent a tow bar. Finally decided to buy cost $125. Every once in awhile a Harley would come through the salvage auction. They always seemed to bring a lot of money. Sometimes I would get one. Always thought I paid too much but they always seemed to sell for a profit.

Time sure goes fast. Must be something to that ďblink of an eyeĒ thing. So, here I am 32 years later. Life is still good. Thank the Lord. I used to run the road constantly, now I can do it from my desk. I hired Lusti Parlow about 5 years ago. She designed, built, and runs my websites, and She handles it all & does a wonderful job. We do a lot of specialty cars and exotics, but mostly Harleys.

Kim Motor Company

I have Hog Barn Cycles build me 3 or 4 bikes a month, but mostly I sell them damaged as I buy them. Sold around 200 last year. Alot of them sell out of the country. It is a world market nowadays. If you canít sell in the world market, you canít compete at the prices you have to pay for salvage. We carry a Harley inventory of a low of 40 to 100 bikes. Plus some Big Dog, Iron Horse and custom bikes. NO sport bikes.

My dad, James at 85, still works every day. Says he would like to retire but canít cause he hasnít got me straight yet. I bought him this Aston Martin DB9 the other day. He looks good in it. He doesnít say much but I think he likes it. Stop by and see us here at Kim Motor Co. Inc., 948 E. Wythe St., Petersburg, VA 23803, (804) 732-8001 or visit our

James passed 2/20/2010

(English, please)
948 East Wythe Street
Petersburg, VA 23803
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Thursday & Friday: 9:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday thru Wednesday: By Appointment Only




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